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Nubra Valley Trek

Destinations: Leh to Nubra -Nubra valley -Muru Dok to Leh
Trip Duration: 5Day-6Night
Best Time: May to December

Day 1, Leh to Nubra Valley
Drive over the World highest motorable road 5500m very nice view of the Sasar pick. And Nubra valley visit Sumur Monastery and village drive back to Disket visit disket monastery and village camp at Hundar evening visit Hundar monastery.

Day 2, Excursion in Nubra valley
After breakfast drive to Sumur visit Samstanling Monastery after visit Panamik Hot spring and village,drive back to Hundar O/N camp

Day 3, Trek Hundar to wachan 5,6 hrs
Go along the left side of Hundar river first in the gorge and narrow valley gently. Ascent some time zigzag trials and the last part you can see the villages and fields. Camp near the field.

Day 4, wachan to Sarathang 6,7 hrs
From the cam gently ascent in to the field and cross Hundar river over the bridge. To lift side you can see some Hundar Dok Houses and passed some summer houses. See sheep’s goats, Yaks and other domestic animals very nice camp

Day 5, Sarathang to Muru dok 6,7 hrs via Lasarmola 5330m
From the camp two hrs easy and take right side of the mountain two hrs ascent on the glacier wonderful view of Stok Kangri summit, long way descent, Muru dok nice camp. Muru Dok in between two rivers

Day 6, Muru Dok to Leh 5,6hrs
From the camp one hrs go up along the river cross the river gradually ascent to Gyamtsa La 4200m 2 hrs from Gyamtsa Nice view of Leh town and valley, gradually descent to gyamtsa after easy to Leh in one hrs.


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