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winter snow leopard watching trek in ladakh

Ladakh is the magnificent Snow Leopard is the most enigmatic and elusive of all the world's large cats. A denizen of high mountain ranges, its presence is more often revealed by footprints in the snow but, as previous Nature trek groups can verify, with planning and luck it is possible to see this mythical mammal. With the aid of local trackers and guides this adventurous expedition goes in search of Snow Leopards amid the mountains of Hemis National Park in Ladakh. This is a physically demanding holiday utilizing basic local homstay and camping but the rewards will be the truly spectacular mountain scenery of the ancient kingdom of Ladakh and a real chance of finding this high altitude predator as it follows the resident Bharal, or Blue Sheep, to more accessible lower elevations for the winter months.The snow leopard found singly, inhabiting the most inaccessible terrain of rugged mountains, preferably steep terrain broken by cliffs midges and gullies. In the winter their main attraction is the livestock nearby villages, because of high mountains covered by snow most of the wild life descent to search of grassing and water.

Winte Snow Leopard Watch trek

In the Month of February and March their breeding season.       

Snow leopard trek favorite hunting areas:- south of Leh Jengchan valley, Rumbak valley, Urutse shingo range, Skeu Markaha it is in Hemis national park, and south west Mangu and Zoom village,Tar Hipti village.



Snow leopard Sighting Trek

Destinations: Leh-Zengchen-Rumbak/ Leh
Trip Duration: 10 Nights 11 Days
Best Time: October to End of March
Tour Character: Treading the path followed by Snow Leopard, Tibetan Argali, Blue Sheep and many
Snow leopard Sighting Trek

Winter Snow Leopard watch trek

Destinations: Leh/ Jingchan/ Rumbak/ Urutse/ Leh
Trip Duration: 11 Nights 12 Days
Best Time: October to March
Grade: Modrate
Tour Character: Snow leopard trek Snow leopard sighting
Altitude: 3500m
Highlights: 3500m
Winter Snow Leopard watch trek

Snow Leopard Trek

Destinations: Hemis National Park Rumbak valley
Trip Duration: 10 days
Best Time: October to End of March
Grade: Moderate
Tour Character: Snow leopard sighting Trek Snow leopard Photographing Snow leopard watching Tr
Altitude: 3500m
Highlights: 3500m
Snow Leopard Trek


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