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About Us- Ladakh Guide in himalaya, zanskar

The ladakh eco tour and trek has been in existence since 1995 our team members are selected for their experience in adventure tours and their wealth of knowledge about the area they work in. they are well trained and provide any imaginable support to you, e.g. when you visit remote area of the country. Our pony leaders and porters have remained with our company season after season. Our Mountaineering staff has undergone training provided by the India Tourism Resource Development committee, South Asia and tourism Human Resource Development program Supported by European tourism Commission trainers.

Most important to us is to regard our clients as part our family and to preserve the environment around our trekking routs. We make it a point to treat nature with the greatest respect, as pollution takes away region’s beauty and threatens the fragile ecosystem of the country.

Ladakh Eco Tour and Trekis committed to Sustainable Tourism, which might be defined as a level of tourism activity that can be maintained over the long term because it results in a net benefit for the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of the area in which it takes place.  By traveling with local companies your tourism dollars go directly into the local economy, guaranteeing that local people benefit from the intrusion of tourism.    

  • By traveling with a local tour operator you'll get an insider's view of the culture and landscapes of Himalaya, Ladakh, Zanskar, Nubra valley, westran Tibet Nomad people, Dha Hanu People of Aryan Minaro communities from Gilget.
  • You pay less than if you were traveling with a foreign-based tour operator.
  • More of your money makes it into the destination where you travel, where it improves the lives of local people.
  • When you visiting through our agency, you don’t think that your money directly benefit to agency, but your money benefit to all the local people of the region.

Direct financial from you money

Supposed to your paying 100$ to our office for your tour, out of it 30% of the money we get for our office staff salary and office maintenance.  70% of the money benefit to the local people of the region or villages. How? We implying local people for Cook, Guide, Helper, and Transportation for car and horses, camping fee, per day per tent, wildlife fee for protect the wild life, we paying for collecting garbage from the trekking routs and surrounding areas, monastery fee forpreserving local cultural and heritage. Local product organic vegetable, we mostly provide local food during the trek.



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