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Dear Angchuk

The Great Global Expedition / Ladakh Eco Tour And Trek

This summer me and my beloved Linda had the chance to participate to a trekking tour along the Marka Valley River. We had specific requests and Mr Angchuck did his best for organizing our holiday. We had an excellent service; not only in the preparation face but during the whole holiday in Ladakh. Mr Angchuck has the ability of giving the feeling that THE customer is not only A CUSTOMER but a FRIEND, someone to take care of, to protect, to help in any situation. We can just recommend his Agency and his services to anyone who wishes to visit this region. We will come back again in Ladakh: Zanskar, Kashmir, Numbra...there are so many places to be seen. But one of reasons that will bring us back to Ladakh is definitively to shake again Angchuck's hand.

See you soon.

Croci Gianluca and Linda From Switzerland

  • We recommend for this company.
  • We had been trekking with him many years ago and would like to contact him.
  • We are to ladies from Switzerland - Susanne und Pia - and we have visited Ladakh in 1995, 1997 and 2000. 
  • We wonted to recommend our friend to a trek in Zanskar 
  • We had excellent service by Tsering Angchuk The Great Global Expedition     
Susanne Feddern and Pia SieberFrom

Dear Angchuk

I have not written you for some time, but I never forget the beautiful experience of 2005 with you and your staff as well as the pleasant ascent of Kang Yatze.

Here, we all are well even though the years pass for everyone and if someone has some minor physical problems, but we go all still in the mountain.

I hope you're well: I often have news from you from the people of Ticino who are coming to see you. Tomorrow will come the group with Giovanna and Nicola who lives near my house. I allowed myself to surrender their 4 packages that you will be taken to deliver them to Mara Casella for school. Mara is informed of this: I’m sure you will get in touch together.

Thank you. I have a great desire to return to Leh: never lose hope!

In the meantime I wish you all good and healthy but also a good experience with newcomers who arrive tomorrow.

I send you the best greetings.

CIAO and JULEE! Reto From

Dear Angchuk,

In Ladakh I can imagine no better travel company then Tsering Angchuk The Great Global expedition whose fantastic service, and he has all Himalayan trekking knowledge and experience, Photography knowledge. And all the ancient monastery knowledge, mountaineering experience.
Wholeheartedly Germanauthor and photographer Peter Van Ham In Indian Tibet – Tibet India, the cultural Legacy

Of the westran Himalaya, Our exhibition going to show inSwitzerland September 2009 to April 2010 at St, Gallen  (museum) of history and Anthropology Switzerland.

And from October 2010 to April 2011 At the Linden Museum Stuttgart, Germany
After In 2012 in Heinrich-Harrer- Museum Austria

Peter Van HamFrom Germany

Dear Angchuk,

We can certainly provide you with a recommendation:

We asked Angchuk to organize the crossing of Zanskar, the trekking from Lamayuru to Darcha in 20 days, in June 2010 and we enjoyed a great trekking experience, making it unforgettable. This route goes through an amazing landscape and a region populated by exceptionally friendly people. 
Despite the unusually high quantity of snow, we have been able to cross the Singge la thank to the commitment of our staff. Our guide knew very well the trail and showed us terrific places. He was very engaged and... an excellent cook as well. 

Angchuk's organization was perfect, from our lodge in Leh to the end hotel in Padum. Every single detail was well thought and clever solutions found every time we had to deviate from the initial plan. 

Therefore, we strongly recommend Angchuk's trekking agency and we would like to thank him and his team for the great time we had in Zanskar. 
Cyril and Caroline, Switzerland

Caroline et Cyril From Switzerland

Dear Angchuk The Great Global Expedition

We had very nice trip with you last summer, in Ladakh Nomad trek for three weeks.

It was wonderful experience and wonderful view of the west ran Tibet plateau trek, we seen the Nomad life and beautiful Tsomoriri and Tso Kar Lakes and amazing landscape.

We had very good food all the time, the hors man also very nice.

We are planning to come back agene, also we recommend our friends without any hesitation to your Agency.

Sylvie GuayFrom Québec - Canada

I am glade to give your Reference to my Book in Norway FORUNDERLIGE – STEDER from JOHNNY HAGLUND Norway.

I was glade that to give your company Name in my book.  With you and your company since many rears taking wonderful photography and trekking in Nibra valley, Nomad people and Zansar  Spiti. During this provide we had excellent service and very good Guide, especially in Zanskar Phuktal trek. I will be back with my friends.

I am sending copy of Book to you.