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Family trek Himalaya-ladakh


Family trek - Our tight schedules often leave us with little or no time for our family and kids. It is an irony that we only earn to fulfill the needs of our beloved and then cannot spare time to spend with them. What’s the point in it? Somehow, I have realized that fulfilling the needs isn’t just enough, our family and kids deserve more than that! This would mean that they need our time, a family holiday, celebration of festivals together and other ways to spend quality time with a person and not a money transaction machine. I have also realized that the least that we can do to contribute towards our family’s happiness is to take them on trips (yes I know that doesn’t come free and for it we need money and money comes by working hard, however there is still exists a thing called balance!). One of the best ways to help your family understand their environment, culture, tradition, landscape and the meaning of adventure and thrill is by taking them on trekking holidays. And what better place than Himalaya Ladakh can you think of. The country’s diversity says it all; Indian Himalayan Ladakh indeed has some great family treks that pass through such places that teach one the importance nature’s conservation and the meaning of symbiosis. Doing a trek in Indian Himalaya Ladakh also helps us realize that happiness neither resides in materialistic things nor in big things we aim at; even a smallest gesture can make a heart happy. Here are some of the best family treks in Ladakh that will change your and your family’s perspective. The Great Himalayan Ladakh as a Tourist destination in Ladakh often Pulls in leisure travelers for capturing the vibrant cultural of Indo –Tibetans, ancient monasteries and blue lakes. For an ardent mountain traveler, the Ladakh region is the second home.

They just can’t think of Ladakh as only a leisure holiday destination its vicinity is far more beautiful and heavenly beyond civilization. We have many trekking routs but specially two trekking tours explored for family, 1 trek is more natural mountains wild life’s, and second is more remote villages and cultural.  






Family Trek Himalaya

Destinations: Delhi to Leh, Lamayuru, Hinju, Sumdachanmo, Sumdachanmo, Alchi
Trip Duration: 13 Nights - 14 Days
Best Time: 15th June to end of Oct

Family Holiday package Himalaya

Destinations: Delhi to Leh, Chiling, Phochey, Rumbak, Stok trek
Trip Duration: 13 Nights - 14 Days
Best Time: June to end of October


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