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Photography- Ancient Art -Cultural

Destinations: Monastery / landscape/ Cultural of Leh/Dha-Hanu / ZanskarPhuktal-Zungkul / Kargil / Nubra
Trip Duration: 21N/22D
Best Time: June to October


Day  1, Arrival Leh airport  transfer to Guest House

After welcome tea coffee rest for full day  acclimatization, Leh is 3500m above sea level O/N Guest House

Day 2 Free day for acclimatizati

After lunch visit Leh Bazaar O/N G.H

Day 3 Monastery excursion around Leh

After breakfast drive and visit Pheyng  Monastery is funded in 1350-1375 AD, it is Red sect Order monastery Digong, one room is nice wall painting, after visit Guru lakhang, a small chapel belong to local family, in side of the chapel very beautiful wall paintings from 12th 13th century. 

After drive to Spituk pharka ancient natural Meditation cave (Tragkhung Kowache) in side the cave beautiful wall paintings, 10th 11th century, some paintings are not very visible due to smoky from batter lamps. After visit Spituk monastery it is yellow sect order, it was built 11th century, about 80-90 monks residence there, many sculptures and wall paintings to see.

Aafter lunch visit Shanti stupa, Samkar monastery, inside of the monastery many sculptures to see, after visit  Leh Palace built 14th century inside the castle a small Shane for the kings family and Namgyal Tsemo, on the top hill built in the 15th century inside of the monastery two store high Future Buddha and Mahakala very nice wall paintings  to see O/N G.H 

Day 4  Leh to Alchi

After breakfast drive enroot visit Basgo castle and monastery, built 1350 century, inside   one chamber two store copper  gilt  Maitreya future Buddha and upper  chamber two store Buddha  made of clay and there is wonderful wall paintings.  After visit Liker monastery outside of the landscape is nice with three store Buddha to seen the monastery was built 1065 century there is new paintings 500 year old and.

After lunch drive to Alchi transfer to Hotel after rest visit oldest Alchi  monastery and world famous wall paintings it is built 990 century by Lotseawa  Renchan zangpo, the art is Bahamian or Gander  still, the artist brought from Kashmir, O/N G.H   3200m above sea level     

Day 5, Monastery tour Mangu, Rizong Uley camp

After breakfast visit another small monastery in Alchi Tseskarmo Lakhang very nice wall paintings, after drive a small village to see Mangu monastery it is similar like Alchi monastery.

 drive back to Alchi after lunch drive and visit Rizong monastery  O/N Uley ethnic resort camp  3200m above sea level

Day 6, Uley to Beema  Dha Hanu , dards valley

After breakfast drive  enroot visit Domkhar village, Skurbucha village, Achinathang village, in this villages you can see real old ladakhi traditional houses, people in traditional dress, woring in field  visit  a small monastery in Skurbuchan  O/N Beema Guest house 2700m above sea level  

Day 7, Beeba – Dha –Garkon- Batalik to Kargil

After breakfast drive enroot visit village of Dha, Garkon, Dartsik.the greatest attraction in these area are the village of dards communities are entirely populated by last remnants of Dards in the Ladakh,  dards are considered as last race of Aryans confined to Indus valley, there language and cultural are very deferent than the Ladakhi people. On the way see many old village of Kargil, and also see 7 m high ancient rock craved Buddha about 2000,B C. Arrive Kargil a small city O/N Hotel   2700m above sea level

Day 8,Kargil to Radum

After breakfast drive enroot visit Khatse 7m high rock carved  Buddha after enjoy the panorama view of great Himalayan mountain, NUN KUN peak massif, and Rangdum monastery was build 300 years old one room is nice sculptures and wall paintings , yellow sect order, the Dali lamas Brother is the head lama of the Monastery .O/N Padum fex tented camp 3600m above sea level

Day 9,Rangdum to Padum

After breakfast drive over Pantse la 4420m after pass long way to padum enroot see zanskar villages O/N Hotel 3500m above sea level

Day 10,Monastery tour around Padum

Rest up to lunch, after lunch visit Takrimo monastery near padum  500year old monastery in side there is very nice wall paintings and sculptures, after little walk to river side on the rock Five Buddha  craved on the rock it is about 8th century, after  visit pipiting Guru Lakhng and village , evening see zanskar villages and a small bazaar padum  O/N Hotel  3500m above sea level

Day 11, Monastery tour Padum to Stonde, karsha

After breakfast drive and visit Stongde monastery is 12th 13th century founded Yellow sect order, beautiful shrines and wall paintings to be seen. After drive back to Padum, after lunch visit Karsha monastery Largest monastery in zanskar  it is funded 14th century several shrines and beautiful wall paintings to see after visit Nunnery monastery on uphill there is a small stupa and one shrines which is very nice wall paintings almost 40 Nunn’s are resend  there  after back to Padum O/N Hotel  3500m above sea level   

Day 12,Padum to  Bardan, Mune back Padum

After breakfast drive enroot visit  Bardan monastery  the Bardan monastery  is on top of a high cliff by the side of Lingti river. It was funded by Bodhisattva Deba Gandhara  about 16th century  in the monastery principal Image is Gandhara statue of the future Buddha and  protractor Room and wall paintings to see, the monks are flowed  red sect order, very nice  view from the monastery.

After visit a small Mone monastery some nice statues and beautiful wall paintings after drive back to  Padum O/N local house or tent  3500m above sea level

Day 13, Zungkul and sani monastery tour

After breakfast drive two hrs to Zungkul cave monastery,  990 century the great Indian  Mahasiddha Naropa , went India to Tibet on the way he spent there long time for meditation, the cave still to be seen their very nice paintings, and blow there the new cave monastery. Way back visit Sani castle is the particularly sacred place due to its having been visited and blessed by Padma- sambhava of Oddiyana, there is a cemetery surrounded there rock craved five Buddha about 7,8th century and very special stupa fixed with iron chain.  After back tp Padum O/N Guest House 3500m above sea level

Day 14,Padum to Kargil

After breakfast drive back to Kargil

Enjoy the mountain  view  and meet village and people O/N  G.H  2700m above sea level

Day 15,Kargil to Leh

After breakfast drive enroot visit  Mulbkha Rock craved  Buddha, Gyal Monastery lamayuru ministry  and back Leh O/N Guest house  3500m above sea level

Day 16, Monastery tour  Shey, Thiksey, Chmday, Takthok, Hemis

After breakfast drive and visit shey castle,  the first King of ladakh Lachen Palgyigon funded in 11th  century, after some time inside of the monastery built three store  copper gilt Statue of lord Buddha, like this type of Buddha statue only in shey even not in Tibet, it is made by King Daldan Namgyal as a funerary memorial to his father king Singgey Namgyal in 1633 AD.

After visit Thiksey monastery there are many shines to see manly three story Future Buddha and white Tara Room . After drive to Takthok rock cave monastery and chamday monastery they have many shines and many status mail female Protagoras, Bud sativa,

Back to Himes monastery largest monastery in ladakh belong to Red sect order, two chambers Buddha made by silver and gold, there is also Museum executed very old Thanks Status during the gander art, the monastery is funded in 1650 AD more than 100monk are live here. Drive back to Leh O/N G.H 3500m above sea level

Day 17, Leh to Nubra valley

After breakfast drive over high pass Khardung la 5520m after descent reach Disket visit monastery very nice view from out inside the monastery with three store high future Buddha, inside old chamber beautiful status and paintings, protractor chamber, and new chamber built 1420AD from there nice view of the Nubra valley, after visit disket village and Hundar village in this village many double humped  Camel to see. Ancient time Ladakh is most trading rout to central Asia and silk tour to China, Mongolia, yarkndi, Afghanistan since the caravan stop the camel are remain here, O/N  Disket Guest house 3350m above seal level 

Day 18, Excursion Nubra valley

After breakfast drive to Sumur visit Samstang ling monastery transfer to Guest House, after lunch drive and visit panamik village Hot spering and Intse monastery, Yarb tso a small lake back to Sumur O/N G.H 

Day 19, Nubra to leh

After breakfast  Sumur to Leh  drive back to Leh O/N G.H 3350m above seal level 

Day 20, Monastery tour Leh

 drive early morning 5 Am to witness morning  prayer at thiksey monastery about 30 monks  participating in assembly hall for morning prayer  it will be taks about two hrs, it is very intrusting and very new experience for you. After breakfast  drive and visit Stakna monastery belong to red sect near Indus river on top of hill very unique monastery many shine to see, it was build 1580 AD one Saint from Butan chosje Jamyang, who had invited him to Ladakh by King Jamyang Namgyal.

 After drive visit Matho Monastery,  is a only one monastery  by Saskya order, it was funded about 15 century by Lama Dungpa Dorje, the shrines and also a sacred temple dedicated to the Guardian Deities are to be seen,  monastery  has  new Room , Matho monastery  is very famous for winter oracle mask dance . After lunch drive and visit Stok Royal palace Museum, inside the palace still Royal family are living, In the Museum very well  executed royal  ornaments , Buddha status, Thanks, war equipments , after drive back to leh O/N G.H  

Day 21, Leh to Delhi.

 Morning after breakfast transfer to Leh airport fly to Delhi, meet our representative take you to Old Delhi sightseeing evening transfer to International airport and fly with sweet memory.    

Ask for more information and itinerary as per your requirement without any hesitation.      


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