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Photography Flora - Founa Trek-Tour

Destinations: Leh, Tsoksti, Dangsa pulu, Shingo larsa pulu, Thung thung valley, Lungmar , Phochey, Markha, Tesa, Themkachan, Rabrang camp, Khar sumdo, Dat, Lungmochey, Leh drive, Delhi
Trip Duration: 16N/17D
Best Time: ending June to October


Day 1, arrival Delhi International airport transfer to Hotel

Day 2, Early morning transfer to domestic airport and fly to Leh

 Arrival  Leh airport transfer to Hotel. After welcome tea coffee rest for day for acclimatization, Leh is 3500m aDay 3, Leh to Alchi

After breakfast drive enroot visit Basgo castle and monastery, built 1350 century, inside   one chamber two store copper  gilt  Maitreya future Buddha and upper  chamber two store Buddha  made of clay and there is wonderful wall paintings.  After visit Liker monastery outside of the landscape is nice with three store Buddha to seen the monastery was built 1065 century there is new paintings 500 year old and.

After lunch drive to Alchi transfer to Hotel after rest visit oldest Alchi  monastery and world famous wall paintings it is built 990 century by Lotseawa  Renchan zangpo, the art is Bahamian or Gander  still, the artist brought from Kashmir, O/N Hotel  

bove sea level, you mast need 36hrs to acclimatization O/N Hotel  

Day 4, Leh to Tsoksti

After breakfast drive enroot visit Spituk Monastery , Phyang monastery after drive 2hrs cross the conflict  Indus and Zanskar River and continue drive along the Zanskar River O/N Camp at Tsoksti village, Tsoksti is a small village four houses are staled edge of the Zanskar river the village altitude is 3270m, the village is worm and pleasant.

Day 5, Tsoksti to Dangsa Pulu camp

From the tsoksti village trek seep and some time gently ascent into the Tsoksti gorge, early morning best time for trekking because of very hot in this valley, but very nice view  of Sumda mountain range  lower camp Dangsa pulu yokma 4250 after 2 hrs to Dangsa pulu Gongma 4550m O/N Camp near the Sheppard house very nice cline spring water . 

Day 6, Dangsa pulu to shingo larsa pulu via Tsangti  la 5230m 6,7 hrs

From the camp gently ascent 3 ½ hrs to pass very beautiful view , and many blue sheep to see from the pass trek on the rage for one hrs after 2 hrs gradually descent near the Kandla pass very nice camp near spring water the camp high 4760m

Day 7, Shingo Larsa pulu to Thung thung valley camp via Tsat la 5230m 6,7hrs

From the camp gradually ascent for 2hrs after steep ascent to the pass for 2 hrs very nice view of Stok Kangri and markha valley back side beautiful chilling mountains range, after pass 2 hrs steep descent, the day many wildlife to see and gradually to camp after crossing small river and meet Thung thung river 2,3 times river crossing camp near the river camp high 4550m

Day 8,  Thung Thung to Lungmar   via small pass Lahula 4230m 5,6 hrs

From the camp 3 hrs nice walk along the river unto the deep gorge many bushes  many times river crossing after 1 hrs steep ascent to Lahul la pass it is wonderful view, very wildness beautifully flowers, wildlife to see, after 1 hrs to camp in the deep gorge a shepherd  house skue village using some years before, but know no one there living nice lungmar camp high 4220m.

Day 9, Lungmar to Phochey via Near la 4730m 6,7hrs

From the lungmar camp 1 hrs easy trek to the junction take right side of the valley, 3 hrs gradually ascent to the Near la pass very wildness, very colorful mountains, medicinal plants colorfully flowers, wildlife’s to see, after pass 1hrs descent Kharlung Summer Sheppard of Markha , easy ascent to Kharlung La a small pass 4580m, after the pass 2,3 hrs to camp small hills up and down trek after reach Phochey camp 4520m. the phochey is quite wide valley, the Markha people keeping their livestock  summer and winter time.

Day 10, Phochey to Markha – tesa 5,6hrs

From the camp all the way descent into deep gorge many bushes in the valley  you can reach old markha valley trek rout, at latho, from thee latho you can reach old Markha trekking  rout after 3 hrs reach markha village 1hrs to Tesa camp, the day is very different view nice camp near river 4250m.

Day 11 Tesa to themkachan bao camp 5,6hrs

From the camp  cross the markha river turn right side of the valley and trek in the deep gorge 4hrs ascent to the camp very nice view camp high 4750m.

Day 12, Themkachan to Rabrang Camp via Rabrang La pass 4940m 6,7hrs

From the camp gradually ascent last one hrs steep ascent to the pass  beautiful view, from the pass descent into the deep canyon , some uo and down after  easy to camp quite wide camp high 4550m

Day 13, Rabrang camp to Khar sumdo  via Zalungkarpola 5050m 6,7hrs

 From camp one hrs easy trek and  and 2 hrs steep ascent to the pass amazing view of western tibetan plateau Zanskar range deep gorge, from the pass 2 hrs steep descent after easy trek to camp in between two rivers , the day again see many wildlife Camp high 4430m.

Day 14, Khar sumdo to Dat  5,6hrs

From the camp one hrs easy trek after interring into deep gorge 2,3 times river crossing the valley is full of willow trees  after easy trek  along the dat river, dat is Nomad winter residence wide valley see many Yaks  on the pasture land, there is many stone house from the Nomad a small monastery about 16th century built by the Nomad people camp high 4420m

Day 15, Dat to Lungmochey via yar la 4950m 5,6hrs

From the camp 4hrs easy trek on the western Tibetan plateau after one hrs ascent to the pass , after 2 hrs descent to Nomad camp  at Lungmochey camp near the small river camp high 4500m

Day 16, Lungmochey to Leh  drive  via taklang la pass 5350m  6,7hrs

From the camp drive over the plateau see many Nomad people with their animals, pashmina goats, sheeps Yak horse and you can see wild horses wild ass,  the day another wonderful mountain view every hrs changing views  O/N Hotel in Leh

Day 17, Leh to Delhi

Morning after breakfast transfer to airport and fly to Delhi.

Do Old Delhi sightseeing evening transfer to International airport  on board with sweet memory of wonderful trek of Ladakh       


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